The Blood Robin and the Raven // An extract from The Dreamer 44

From amongst the trees a shrill but clear song echoes across the still and a tiny bird appears on a low branch..
“Blood Robin, there.. there..”
Seeing the Crow, it rises from its perch and spreads its wings to catch the frigid air. Impossibly quick it rises into the sky, gaining a greater height than its darker and larger cousin. You lose the creature in the sun for a second – and as you regain sight of the tiny bird it folds its wings and drops faster than a stone towards its enemy.
The Crow explodes in a mass of feathers, bones and expanding flesh.
“Fucking hells. Luhn preserve us.” Your nameless companion breathes in surprise.
“She won’t help us out here.” You reply, “This is Cerns territory. And that little red-breast is doubtless one of his servants.”

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