Miraculous Events at the Pavement

Long the place of legends and not a few myths, the Pavement to the northeast of the Bluestone Mine has seen at least one new miracle in the last few days. The fabled Lightning Tree has bloomed!! – After decades of fire twisted branches and a trunk split by many lightning atrikes, the solitary Yew Tree has been discovered by the traveller known as Matric as being covered in newly-grown leaves and berries, less than a few days after it was repeatedly lightning struck and burnt in one of the first of this years Winter storms. The Tree is seen as some kind of compass to the prosperity and peace within the region – It is said that if the tree is struck and set to burning then all will not be well in the Ilanthor region and its occupants will suffer either War, Famine, Plague or a recession in Prosperity. In the past, the burning of the Lightning Tree has seen the infamous Winter snows that led to starvation and mass death, invasion and subsequent war with Rignor, and only last year the outbreak of the Corvid Fever attributed to the Raven and his allies.
No-one knows what will follow this new omen, but surely this cannot be any worse than the above?

Mistress Matric and her companions are Antiquarians seeking evidence of the Lost and evidence of the Fall, in order to further understand the nature of the Coldbringer and its increasingly dangerous effect on the Middle and West Isles

A herd of sheep killed in the last lightning strike have been observed to be suddenly alive and well on the Fell below the Pavement, and Matric has declared sightings of a rare White Hart as being a blessing by the Lady Goddess of the Moon herself – Luhn.

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